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Build The Ultimate Sales Team

Don’t waste your time (or anyone else’s) by doing things halfheartedly. In most cases you won’t get the right answers.

Understand your office ethos before you hire. Traditionally your boiler room-type sales team works well when it comes to selling packaged products, but when it comes to strategy or services, the relationship-type sales team will surely take you further.

Your team is the sum total of your selections. You need to know who you want and why. Of course there’s value in hiring the well-connected and experienced heavy hitters, but your sales team might just need an injection of new blood.

Fresh, hungry graduates understand the need to perform in this highly competitive industry. A combination of veteran and new kids on the block will ensure you have the best of both.

Here are the five core ingredients that I have found make a difference when growing a great sales team.


1. Start with the right people.

People are at the heart of sales so invest time and patience. Six months is a fair time to let someone prove their mettle. Seek out your employees’ strengths. You need people who can open doors and establish new relationships.

This is the truest test of resilience. Can you hang in there? Can you get up after being knocked down again and again? Can you take the knocks and rise to the occasion with enough finesse that no one could consider saying no to you. Can you find a way to the ball if all you have is a pumpkin?



2. Train your team.

Training your team is as important as hiring so it’s critical that as a business owner you take the reins when it comes to showing them the ropes. It’s about product training, company process and role-play, and no one understands your business’s nuances better than you do.

Teach your team to get leads by understanding the angle. People who are good at canvassing know who they are looking for – position your service or product as the customer’s solution before they ask for one.



3. Develop rhythm.

As people we’re creatures of habit. Sales meetings need to be regular. In an environment where meeting or missing targets could define tomorrow, people need to feel like the boss is on their side. Use this regular time to discuss those targets and incentives, offer the advice and wisdom that put you at the helm of the ship in the first place.

The success of a good boardroom manner is a dash of schizophrenia. When someone drops the ball you need to let them and the rest of the team feel the sting of your disappointment, but in the same breath congratulate and applaud those who exceed expectations. Set the tone.

Sales incentives work but only to a point. If you want to see people push their own boundaries then try more high fives. People are driven by different forces so get to know them. For some it’s money, for others the challenge or the recognition. Everyone has a different carrot.


4. Create the right work environment.

Is your work environment conducive to your staff’s best performance? The open-plan office is both competitive and collaborative in driving people to work harder and smarter. It’s a set-up designed to breed excellence.

5.  Preparation is key.

Instill respect amongst your team for all meetings. Don’t allow them to burn through leads – prepare properly. If you can’t get a meeting this week push for next week – but make it happen. Remember, no pressure, no diamonds.

Finally, as a business owner who is also the sales manager, know your leadership style. Some demand respect while others lead by example.

The above is a solid recipe to building your dream sales team, but the key ingredient is emotional intelligence. Does your team have the ability and correct level of EQ to really read a situation; to adjust their own approach in dealing most effectively with the needs and emotional level of others? As the boss, best you make sure.



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12 keys to success

1- Vision:
Vision exists in the mind. It is a mental picture of all the achievements you aspire to and have yet to bring into being. Vision is produced by your imagination, yet it isn’t a dream. You create your vision consciously and on purpose. Vision is the source of all your beliefs, expectations, motivations, and actions. Vision is the engine of your future. Vision is the first step in creating the life you aspire to. Mix vision with the other 11 keys to success, and you will be 12 steps closer to financial success.


2- Treat It Like A Business:
One definition of business is serious work or endeavor. There’s simply no substitute for treating your Network Marketing enterprise VERY seriously.

Success in your business is made up of 3 things:
1). Getting the result.
2). Personal and professional growth.
3). Having fun. Take away any of these and there is no business.

Remember what it means to sponsor someone– you are responsible. A serious business indeed! You may work your business part-time or full-time, but not just sometime, because you’re Business is like riding a bicycle: If you don’t keep it moving–you’ll fall down!

3- Take Action:
Plan your work, but more importantly, work your plan.
Use a daily plan of action.
Doing is required to get anything accomplished.
Take Action!


4- Partnership:
We say, “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” because it’s impossible to succeed all alone in this relationship based business. At its highest level relationship evolves in to partnership. Birds of a feather flock together because they are going in the same direction. That is the essence of partnership. Your partners are your allies, colleagues and champions. They are associates and, at best, your friends.

5- Leadership:
It’s obvious that a leader is one who leads–but how? Leadership is front wheel drive. To lead means to show the way by going before. Pull, instead of push. Leaders guide, direct and escort. In a word– support their teams. Leaders have big egos, yet their attention is not on themselves– it is on their people. Today, all leaders are servant leaders. Because talk tends to be cheap, leaders lead by example. A leader has integrity. A compelling vision is what brings out the leadership of others.


6- Knowledge:
You’ve probably heard it said, “Knowledge is Power”. But is it really? How powerful is having knowledge of something and doing nothing with it? Knowledge includes facts, ideas, understanding, but it does not become the totality of what is known until belief is added. Belief is the real source of the power of knowledge. For when you truly know, then anything is possible.

The question is not only if you know what you are doing?
I must ask also: do you really believe in what you are doing?

7- Goals:
With clear and compelling goals in your mind’s eye, you have something to strive for and a focus for your actions. Goals are objectives. They provide direction for your efforts and a measuring stick for your progress. And when you get enough of them, you win.

8- Duplication:
In Network Marketing in general – where it is impossible to succeed all by yourself — duplication is required for your success.
Duplication is making an identical copy of an original. It means to replicate, reproduce and repeat over and over again down the line. Clearly, duplication must be an ongoing process, but what is it that you actually duplicate? Finding out what works and duplicating that is what Network Marketers get paid for- so duplicate what works for you!

images (3)

9- Commitment:
The act of commitment involves both your intellect and your emotions. Commitment is a state of being where one is bound to a course of action, obligated to another person or to an envisioned result. A commitment is your pledge to do whatever it takes to get the job done– no matter what! Commitment is the opposite of convenience: It is goal-driven and action-oriented.  It requires taking a risk- putting something on the line. When people are committed, they persist. They don’t quit.

Have someone answer the question: “What are you committed to?” And you will know all about them.

10- Contribution:
Contribution always fulfills and furthers, yet it’s much more than merely giving aid or assistance– it’s the art of making a positive difference in people’s lives. Putting the other person first- before yourself. When you make a contribution, you are a contribution. To contribute–to help others–is to take your responsibility as a human being seriously.

11- Belief:
Belief is an act of mind. It generates new possibilities and fuels your attitude and all your accomplishments.
Belief goes beyond interest, want or hope to embrace faith. Belief is expectation–the source of motivation. It validates and therefore makes you confident. Belief establishes what’s true for you. To have belief in your network company, your business, your industry and your people is required for success in Network Marketing. But most of all, it is your belief in yourself that makes all the difference. You will achieve only what you believe–no less, no more.

The 12th Key:
The 12th key for success is Hard Work. Successful people work hard. That may be good news, or bad news, but it is the TRUTH.

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M ore!


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